About Us

Ed Upchurch - Site Manager

Riding  50+ years. Joined MSF in 2004. Have raced motorcross and enduro's. Never had an accident on public roads. Currently average riding over 15,000 miles per year.  take a minimum of 1 week vacation per year via motorcycle which is usually 3800-4200 miles per week.  Longest single day's ride was 1096 miles which qalified as a member of the Iron Butt Association.  Most rememberal trip was a 2 week trip through Canada, 6400 miles.

Paul Syrock - Rider Coach

Riding 30+ years. Rider coach since 2005. Worked with MSTC since becoming a rider coach. Have owned at least 2 motorcycles most of my life. Uses a motorcycle year round as primary transportation. Takes several day trips and long weekend trips on a regular basis.

Gerald Muise-Rider Coach

Riding 15+ years.  Rider Coach since 2016.  Have taken about 12 MSF courses and excelled in each one.  Assisted MSTC for about 4 years before joining the team.  Retired from the Army in 2015 with over 20 years.  Rode a motorcycle daily until an injury.  Due to the love of riding "I refused to quit".  Bought a Harley Trike and never looked back.  No regrets.

Zach Upchurch-Rider Coach

Zach was born on June 12, 1993, and has been riding for 14 years.  Zach has helped with MSTC for about 5 years and became a Certified Rider Coach in 2012.  Zach is a student at UAFS.  Zach takes day trips and rides to school on a regular basis.  Lots of experience and knowledge to share for someone as young as him.

All of Rider Coach's are very patient and have only one goal in mind.  Help new and experienced riders to learn more and enjoy safe motorcycling for years to come.