Experienced RiderCourse

Even if you've been riding for some time, there's always something left to learn. Increasing numbers of seasoned riders are taking the Experienced Rider Course. We recommend at least 3000 miles riding experience on your current bike. ERC provides an opportunity to hone your skills and fine tune the mental drills needed for survival in traffic. In the classroom you' ll discuss with your peers how to balance the mental and physical aspects of riding, manage risk, increase visibility and optimize your lane position. Curriculum focuses on critical skilis found lacking in accident involved riders.

The 7 hour course begins on Saturday or Sunday and includes classroom and range exercises. Riders must provide their own street legal motorcycle and safety gear. For the range exercises, proper riding gear is required; eye protection, full fingered leather gloves, long pants, sturdy footwear that covers the ankles, long sleeved upper garment and your own DOT approved helmet.

Course fee is $100.00. You will need to show proof of insurance and a valid drivers license with motorcycle endorsement to receive a MSF completion card.